A Little about us and the P.O.A

Hey peeps :)), I'm Tosh, me and my partner Eliza are just a couple from Birmingham trying to build the dream and navigate our way through this thing called life!

This journey began as a hobby of Eliza's that was a focus to bring purpose back into her life after having our children (something a lot of mother's can relate to) and in the process took over the house with all sorts of smellies! After being caught off guard by an Ice Queen sponge in the shower, my love for things that smelt fire begun :OO. I decided to support Eliza with her passion and we started learning about, making and selling products! After I lost my job working with disadvantaged children we made the decision to take some risks and really make a go for it, to try and build a brand combining both of our passions, things that smelt great and to help people in whichever way we can, and so it begun :)). Sharing our love of scents and building a community filled with great people is what we set out to do. Thankyou to everyone new and old (big up the OGs) for your continued support and good energy it hasn't gone unnoticed, it allows us to do what we love everyday :))

Tosh and Eliza

"Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life" - Arthur Szathmary